Recruitment for Microservices Study

Recruitment for Microservices Study to investigate the design principles for microservices

We are researchers from Tufts University and Emory University, looking to study the design principles behind building microservice applications. We are looking to interview professionals from both industry and academia who work with microservice-based applications. We are looking for people with various levels of experience for a virtual interview or a survey on a wide range of questions broadly covering the field of microservices. The interview will last for at most one hour and you will be compensated with a $20 Amazon gift card. The survey should not take more than 20 minutes to complete and you will have a compensation of a $10 Amazon gift card.

Participation Criteria: Must be 21 years or older Have some experience with microservices Must be located in North America If you are interested in participating in either the survey or interview, please fill out this short questionnaire.

👤 Members

Raja Sambasivan

Assistant Professor, Tufts University

Avani Wildani

Assistant Professor, Emory University

Darby Huye

PhD, Tufts University

Max Liu

PhD, Tufts University

Vishwanath Seshagiri

PhD, Emory University